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Types of fractions

A fraction is a number that represent the part of whole. Its numerator implies the number of equal parts and the denominator indicates how many of those parts make up a whole.

There are mainly 3 different types of fractions: proper fractions, improper fractions and mixed fractions.

Proper fractions have a numerator that is less than denominator. Ex: 4/7 and 3/9 are proper fractions having the nominator part smaller than the denominator part.

Improper fractions have the numerator greater than or equal to denominator. Ex: 9/9 and 12/7 are improper fractions have the nominator part greater or equal to the denominator part.

Mixed fractions have a whole number plus a fraction When an improper fraction is written as a combination of whole number and a proper fraction it is called as compound fraction or mixed fraction.

Equivalent fractions

An equivalent fraction of a fraction is obtained by multiplying its numerator and denominator by the same number other than zero. Equivalent fractions of 1/2 are 2/4, 3/6, 4/8...

Equivalent fractions can also be obtained by dividing its numerator and denominator by the same number other than one. Equivalent fraction of 15/25 is 3/5.

The product of numerator of first and the denominator of second is equal to product of denominator of first and numerator of second. So you can check if they are equivalent.

We can only add fractions with like denominators If the fractions have unlike denominators, we use equivalent fractions to make them the same. To subtract fractions, the fractions must have like denominators If the fractions have unlike denominators we use equivalent fractions to make them the same.

When multiplying the denominators do not have to be the same. To multiply first multiply the numerators. Then, multiply the denominators. Before multiplying, we try to simplify the fractions. This will make the multiplication easier

To divide fractions we change the division sign to a multiplication sign. Then we change the divisor into its reciprocal and proceed from there.

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